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Senthil Srinivasan Senthil Srinivasan

I was born with a moderate hearing loss. My parents didn't find out about it until my speech impediment prompted them to take me to an ENT specialist. I was put in special education classes for students with hearing loss, then mainstreamed in middle school. After graduating high school, I earned a 4-year degree in Arts/Graphic Design from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Now, I work as a full-time web designer.

I created this website in 2008 as a hobby because I always felt like an outsider due to my hearing loss, and I wanted to reach out to others. As time went on, I added more features-- a blog, discussion forum, chat room, Facebook group, Twitter account, etc. I plan to continue expanding the website so that it can better serve the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Rachel Cain Rachel Cain
Staff Writer/Editor

I am a sophomore at the University of Dayton and am an English and International Studies double major with a minor in Spanish. I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through my involvement with At UD, I participate in the Alpha Phi Omega national co-ed service fraternity, several campus publications, and the marching and pep bands. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, sewing, and sharing time with my friends.

Though Iíve had past work experience working with individuals in the deaf and hard of hearing community, Iím excited to gain a new perspective through and hope to become more involved in the community.

Erin Fausel Erin Fausel
Staff Writer

My name is Erin Fausel and I am a senior at Ohio University studying News and Information Journalism with a specialization in History and Women's Studies. I was a Resident Assistant on campus for two years which was an honor to take part in building the bobcat family. I am the Fashion Month Coordinator for the fashion publication on Ohio's campus, Thread magazine. I also write and copy edit for Thread.

As part of the DeafandHoH and DeafandHoHKids team I look forward to both learning more about the individuals in this community and also bringing light to their stories. I wish to bring comfort to our readers and allow them to connect to peers and learn about current research and other information that is useful to their lives in a platform that's welcoming and suited to their needs.

Kolby Burger Kolby Burger
Staff Writer/Public Relations

My name is Kolby Burger, I am a sophomore at Assumption College majoring in Organizational Communications with a focus on Personal Relations. At Assumption I am part of the Division II field hockey team as well as an on campus ambassador for Team-Impact. Being a part of these two organizations have allowed me to gain great life skills that will help me in the future. I love to give back to those who need support which makes this opportunity so amazing. My other interests outside of sports and school are; hanging out with friends, reading, and learning about the environment. I see myself as a very caring person who would do anything in order to make someone else happy. In the future I hope to be a PR to celebrities or big city firms, since I love to write and public speak I see those options as a perfect fit! I am familiar with both journalism and marketing which allows me to be equipped for this position.

I look forward to joining the DeafandHoH team this year and will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

Kaci Marvin Kaci Marvin
Social Media Coordinator

My name is Kaci Marvin and I am a senior at Ohio University majoring in Communication Studies with a related area in English and a minor in Coaching Education. At Ohio University I am involved in my sorority Gamma Phi Beta as well as my service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. I am also a Campus Tour Guide at Ohio University. This past school year I joined the PR team for OhioU Student Senate. In this position I have the freedom to create social media platforms for different events happening within Student Senate. This experience allows me to further my knowledge in professional social media. I am looking forward to the skills and experiences

Samantha Hamilton Samantha Hamilton
Social Media Coordinator

Samantha Hamilton has joined as a social media intern for Summer 2017. She is currently attending Ohio University and majoring in Strategic Communication. While hearing loss has not had a direct impact on her life up until this point, she understands how critical clear communication is to understanding.

With a grasp on social media principles, Hamilton is eager to join the team in working to connect the services at with its community members. When asked about the internship, she responded with, " provides crucial services to those suffering from deafness and hearing loss. I am excited to put the skills that I have acquired through my education to use for a good cause."

Chloe Skraly Chloe Skraly
Social Media Contributor

I am from Boston, MA and a junior at Bryant Univeristy with a marketing major and communication minor. I am the marketing chair for Hillel on campus and try to help come up with fun events for our organization. I am also part of Delta Zeta sorority. I enjoy spending time with my friends and making new ones! I love volunteering at different places and continue to volunteer whenever I can. In high school, I was the president of the cooking club and delivered the meals we prepared to the homeless shelters for families in need. I love helping others and seeing people happy and smile. Marketing is my passion and I hope to one day be in event marketing or another marketing position I grow to be passionate about.

Allison Sheahan Allison Sheahan
Marketing Coordinator

My name is Allison Sheahan and I am a junior at Assumption College, currently pursuing a degree in marketing and a minor in sport management. At Assumption College, I am the captain of the Division II field hockey team and a part of the athletics event staff where I manage ticket sales and set up for sporting events. While at school, I am an active volunteer as I try to take as many opportunities as I can to give back to the community and gain new experiences. Aside from field hockey and school work, my hobbies include spending time with family and friends, cooking, and hanging out at the beach. Both my course work and experiences I have gained while at Assumption has prepared me for this position.

I am so excited to join the DeafandHoH team and I look forward to learning more about the individuals in this particular community. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity!

Courtney Smith Courtney Smith
Marketing Communications Coordinator

My name is Courtney Smith and I am a senior at Ohio University studying Strategic Communications and Marketing with specializations in English and Humanities. At Ohio University, I am a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority for women and serve as Vice President of Membership for my chapter. Through this position, I have found a love for Marketing and all things Public Relations. I have previously served as a social media manager for Read Unwritten and gained valuable tools that will help me in my desired career.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to joining the DeafandHoH team this year. I am certain that this position will provide me with skills that I will take with me after graduation.

Christopher Fischer Christopher Fischer
Deaf Sports Commentator

I was born in Santiago, Chile. It is not known whether my hearing loss was genetic or happened as a result of other factors due to unclear medical records during my infancy. I have spent nearly all my life living in southeastern Wisconsin, dealing with severe hearing loss in my left ear and moderate hearing loss in my right ear. Today, I wear a single completely-in-canal hearing aid in my right ear. I graduated in December 2012 from the University of Wisconsin Ė Madison where I earned a Bachelorís degree studying English. In my spare time, I play baseball, basketball, and tennis. I also enjoy snowboarding and reading, and I am a passionate fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and Wisconsin Badgers. I look forward to the opportunity to spread forth the message that wishes to extend out to others, as well as the chance to share some of my own experiences with my hearing loss in the hopes that they will help others in similar situations.

Christopher Lacaille Christopher Lacaille
Web Developer

I am currently going back to school for Computer Science at Austin Community College and working on a WebMaster Certificate. I have taken classes for Graphic Design. Excited to be helping through an internship. I currently work at Don Hewlett Chevy and as a freelance web designer/developer. I am originally from Austin, TX and have also lived in Atlanta, GA for a few years. I hope through helping the community I can, in turn, learn more about deafness and the true burdens it can cause. I've always considered myself a caring person and hope I can have some sort of impact through this community hub. In my free time (and when I'm not coding or something similar) I like to ride motocross, go fishing, and hunting. We are also expecting our first baby girl! Due July 3rd.

Kristen Donahue Kristen Donahue
Graphic Designer

My name is Kristen, and I live in a small town north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I am currently enrolled in the graphic design program at Rasmussen College and will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in 2018. I also have a Bachelor's degree in marketing from the College of St. Scholastica. The combination of these two disciplines allows me to present ideas and designs to audiences in fun, creative ways. I am very excited to be involved with this community! In my spare time I enjoy arts, films, books, and spending time with my family and friends.

Jenny Wilson Jenny Wilson
Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Design student attending MATC and I am set to graduate this December. I hope to be a freelancer and do individual personal work for a variety of clients. I like to do all things creative and think outside the box. I like to get my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

I work from home watching my two nephews, have two kids of my own, and live with my boyfriend who has 3 kids. So my days are filled with art and kids and I love it!

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